You do not have to be an Ultimate fighter to train like one. This class uses kicks, punches, elbows and knees to get you in the best shape of your life. This is not a cardio class. You will work hard and learn real life combatives. The class is designed for all levels of experience and it’s a great way to work on your combat conditioning regardless if you are just starting and are looking to get in shape or a more advance student looking to better your skills.  12 or 16 oz boxing gloves are mandatory.

Questions & Answers

Q: Do you offer group and private classes?

We offer both types of classes based on your schedule and instructor availability.


Q: How many people are in a group class?

Classes will range between 15-30 people. The larger the class, the more instructors to help out


Q: Will there be other beginners in my class?

Absolutely. There are always beginners in class. Plus, the advanced students are always eager to help you get you on your way.


Q: Is your class a cardio kickboxing’ class?

NO! Our class is not a “follow the leader/punch the air” cardio class. It is a well-balanced workout consisting of cardio training and resistance training to help you burn fat and tone muscle in a short amount of time.


Q: Will your kickboxing class help me tone up?

The combination of cardio, resistance training and proper diet (which we will help you with!) will help you to tone up very quickly.


Q: How many classes per week should I attend?

We have classes 6 days a week so the amount of classes you take is based on your own personal schedule. Most of our members train about 1-3 times per week and see great results.


Q: Why can’t I just do some ‘cardio’ instead of kickboxing?

You absolutely can just do cardio BUT, without the right amount of proper resistance training, you won’t see the results you’re looking for as quickly and effectively. Cardio can be an important part of a fat loss program but you need to develop lean muscle tissue to really turn your body into a fat melting machine. The only really effective way to do that is through resistance training, which is exactly what our Kickboxing class does. We combine Cardio and Resistance training into one super fat-buring-muscle-sculpting-fun workout!


Q: Do I need to ‘get in shape’ before I start you classes?

A common misunderstanding is that you need to be in shape’ before starting kickboxing training. This is completely false. Our classes are designed to allow our members to train ‘at their own pace’ while at the same time, giving the advanced student the opportunity to challenge themselves.


Q: How long do the kickboxing classes last?

Our classes last approximately 45 minutes

Be a part of the most effective kickboxing program in Southern California. This is fitness and combatives all in one killer program. Burn more than 700 calories per hour!